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yes you. know. why. the battle for survival continues in syria despite islamic states retreat from the eastern province of we speak to. have lost everything in the war. that. alone i don't think. doesn't use facebook its criticism that it's failing to do enough to police fake news with the company security chief saying the social media giant must becoming a nine hundred eighty four star ministry of truth. and more.
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free speech campaign is react angrily to the u.k. introducing a special police unit going after online hate speech we will surely be hearing from both sides of the debate. people from liberated towns in the syrian province of terrorists or are trying to get their lives back on track after three years surrounded by islamic state. the story of two young sisters whose battle for survival isn't over despite the terrorists fleeing the area. meet sally she's five maybe six perhaps seven she doesn't know and the smog hits the streets.
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surviving isis's c.g. of the resort was no mean feat so many perished as a result of starvation sickness violence. it. sally is a survivor she a sister and brother were abandoned by their parents years ago they divorced and left the children to fend for themselves out on land. her home. to an adult almost down the land she spends her days begging stealing playing and surviving no easy lot for them in this life bit a bit of a show they went from home to home to live in the streets they beg for money to stay alive inside today's sick for sally bags alone for my neighbors who knew that family have taken pity on the kids and have looks out for them but it's not
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easy to marcos now back up what i wanted to take her in she kept escaping that i sent people to look for her but she never stays in one place long and shallow escapes. well there. are no. sally's sister all she has left since her brother died of starvation we found the older girl at the end of this gloomy bullet riddled cargill is a room with broken windows in it leaves a young girl with only flies bloodstain mattresses for company. about a month ago sagitta who doesn't remember her age was brought in with
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a head injury when she fell she damaged an implant that siphons away the fluid different people tell different versions some say the full was accidental others attempted suicide but i'll but i but if fluids to build a liquid there will be consequences she will lose her sight hearing and the ability to swallow much of the pressure on delivering it as graham. in hospital i don't know she'll find new cure indeed as order as we were filming a nice a shell landed just a few hundred meters away sagitta needs to get to damascus to survive but lacking identification relatives and trapped in a war zone it's difficult to see how that's possible. sagitta doesn't get many visitors but there is one digital person who always makes a smile that. if
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the loon sagitta begins to scream and cry she needs people the story has spread and good. barret institution. that i miss for a woman once came to the hospital and heard the screaming she followed it and found the girl since then she's been coming two or three times a day to care for her to wash or to feed her she never knew this girl bushra whose own daughter is disabled is not rich or middle class she's poor but a kind hearts goes a long long way now that are that are the end of everything my friend and i can do we will do for her as well dr of two hundred up to law everything are right up to the moment when she stands up and can see. there is cool is for optimism side suffering has touched a chord action is being taken to get the girls out of bed as or but for now
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all they really have aside from promises and p.t. is each other or i guess. from their disorder syria. meanwhile just forty kilometers north of the resort the syrian army is steadily advancing against deisel they're chasing terrorists out of the city of dean considered one of islamic states last strongholds in the province here's some video sent to us from the front line. but i.
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don't know. facebook has hit back at criticism that it's failing to do enough to police fake news the company security chief says the social media giant mustn't end up becoming a well in style ministry of truth let's get all the story now across the life to. recolonise stateside for as severe a ministry of truth i watched the film wanted it before just recently it's a scary prospect where does facebook come into this well facebook has recently come under focus after revealing over a three thousand ads that were allegedly purchased by russian actors during the two thousand and six two thousand sixteen election totaling to about one hundred thousand dollars now the company's under pressure from all sides with politicians and the media claiming facebook hasn't been doing enough to stop what they call an
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influence campaign to be useful to understand what. social media outlets are doing i was concerned at first that some of these social media platforms companies did not take these threats seriously enough i believe they are recognizing that threat now they have provided us with information from know the answer to this question but it's interesting to me are they a telecommunications platform or are they a news organization. facebook itself stated that the ads amount to almost nothing in terms of the platforms total social media content and mark zuckerberg even explained that campaigns have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising over one thousand times more than the ads in question that didn't help to calm the storm in fact now facebook cyber security officer alex stamos who's also handling the company's investigation into alleged russian activities on the platform seems like he's had enough and took it to twitter to express his frustration over the
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weekend in passionate bursts of tweets he addressed accusations that facebook hadn't done enough to police information posted on the platform saying that journalists largely underestimate the ability to filter content for billions of users say most also stressed that it would be naive to assume algorithms are entirely neutral and unbiased his patients seem to have run out twenty tweeted that there might be a way to battle fake news if you're not afraid to turn facebook into the ministry of truth. so if you don't worry about becoming the ministry of truth with machine learning systems trained on your personal biases going to c.z. . it's interesting to note that this kind of twitter storm is highly unusual for facebook a company that normally sticks to releasing statements but as i've said social media giants facebook google and twitter have found themselves under mounting pressure and are now writing reports and releasing statements on russia's alleged
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social media activities during the two thousand and sixteen election but it's also worth mentioning that they continue to do so without any proof or evidence to substantiate their claims sorties america in washington d.c. for as many things there. now if donald trump doesn't change his policy toward iran it will pose a great danger for your of this is according to germany's foreign minister sigma gabrielle's comments come after the u.s. president hinted that he would pull out of washington's nuclear deal with tehran that is a great danger for us because if the united states of america takes that course from the world will change. now with more on those recent german statements we hear that germany not only fear is that u.s. made his job from the red in agreement but it has also accused washington of quotation replacing the rule of law by the rule of the stronger is we've heard that
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from germany's foreign minister who has said that germany's and will be committed to to the deal a supposed to stop iran from building its own nuclear bomb the accord that berlin helped negotiate adding that germany france and britain all together urge washington to give up the idea of pulling out otherwise the world will change the u.s. is we joe is at this point a very unlikely scenario donald trump the american president has been a vocal critic of the accord for a long time accusing iran of not fulfilling its obligations but this is the opinion that it seems europe is not quite cherry and. since we reached a deal two years ago the international atomic energy agency has been monitoring the implementation of the deal including with inspections and it has certified iran's to compliance eight times we have an interest and the responsibility a duty to preserve the nuclear deal with what happened in two thousand and fifteen
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when five countries russia france britain germany and china together with iran reached a deal to curb the country's nuclear program it was taken by many as a break for as a historic landmark agreement and this is why it's clear what many are suspecting us to pull out of the accord later this week frustration and fear is very high. hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of boss lowder on sunday to back spanish unity and to denounce the catalan government's push for independence the rally comes amid speculation catalonians president may. claimed the region an independent state in an address to the regional parliament on tuesday night east and say check and it was in pass a loan. was .
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was the reach was. but the ninety percent of those who came out to vote in favor waving spain the buy in of shopper first also expects promises to be kept for the over eight hundred people injured on the day of the referendum the question of could it also have been for nothing is now live was meanwhile madrid has made it clear it won't budge spain's prime minister mariano rajoy says he's not ruling anything out including suspending the region's autonomy and has vowed to take any measures necessary to prevent catalonians independence we're going to prevent independence from occurring that is why i can tell you with
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absolute frankness that it will not happen with me about him no but it seems wrong to me now because he thinks so but because in a democracy the president must protect the people's right to choose our goal was to do as little damage as possible what happened was due to stubbornness and holding a referendum when they knew it was absolutely illegal it was very irresponsible of those who made that decision to go boilers for the last year or more i think the government has behaved very severely and aggressively towards a kind of legitimate and democratic demand of cattle and citizens he said battle for europe is a battle for european values and we have to win the national populism goes against european values. via european i do. i think so because europe should give us more support it doesn't seem to me that there's a battle going on between his government and you who does not say anything that makes sense he does not listen he does not try to hold a dialogue and i do not understand why he is still in his post if he was receptive
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and humane person he would resign from behind these walls of the castle on parliament that the next big steps for the region are expected to come from cattle carlist which demand promised action towards independence within forty eight hours of official referendum results but has avoided specifics since this week all eyes will be on what happens here next. a new police unit to fight hate crime online has been slammed by freedom of speech campaign as well as the live debate on the issue after this break. europe has to either change or cease to exist people who work in this building the headquarters should change the rules of the european union would have to work on fewer issues both with better results it should be paying more attention to protecting external borders fighting against curbing illegal immigration as well as harmonizing economic policies and judicial systems otherwise the europe we have
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today is doing it were transformed into a strange loose community of twenty seven countries with nothing in common. with more make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous. one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. or come back new police unit is to be set up in the united kingdom its main purpose will be to crack down on those who commit hate crimes online the british home
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secretary says that online hate must be more fully dealt with online hate crime is complete then acceptable what is illegal offline is illegal online and those who commit these covered the crimes should be met with the full force of the little. the new unit will be run by police officers and have some two hundred thousand pounds budget allocated to it is made work will consist of assessing complaints from people who believe that they have encountered hate crime on line but critics say that it will threaten freedom of speech let's discuss this subject in more depth bring in a couple of guests journalist martin somers on the rights of my screen and also poor violence is the chief executive of the viola scroope international welcome to you both gentleman feel free to discuss your serves as well but i think we have a slight time delay we'll see how that goes welcome to you first paul if i may hate crimes a pressing issue in the u.k. there have been peaks i would say in hate crimes seen in in the in the country is
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policing the internet the right way to deal with this. you know unfortunately near and i wish we didn't even have to have this conversation but it but it is necessary and it is because there are real parameters at this point the amount of crime this perpetrator of the internet from hate crimes to hate speech even to the recruitment in planning isis uses the internet for is something that we absolutely have to put our arms around that again i wish we didn't have to have this conversation but we certainly do and you know compliments to secretary road for taking the step front in this in the global community is that not a fair point martin that you know people say some really hateful things that causes great offense something needs to be done. well i mean if you if you say something to somebody's face which is a threat or or an employed threat that is illegal already so in a sense all we're saying here is that was going to be can you know going to refer to the same for online versions of the same kinds of crime but i think you've got
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to go to define it very tightly. nobody accepts full freedom of speech i could break into swearing now and that wouldn't be acceptable for all sorts of reasons and the society does of rules about language but you've got to be very careful in noughts squeezing out in the debate and i think the reader will have to see how this operates and hopefully it will be done in a sensible rather than the stupid way i see you know doing the poor i mean do you agree with that to the extent for example if you can go into many websites and forums and you'll see you know say see anything that resembles a heated conversation you'll find a lot of users complaining that their comments have been a been blocked and they're very angry about the fact that they feel they're being censored so do we need to worry about going too far in that direction. i do i do think we have to and that's why the key word here is balance and i agree with what you're saying it's all about balance we don't want to eliminate the ability
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for us to have as you are facilitating right now a healthy good solid debate we don't want to do that because they think that damages so many things in our global community but we do need to put our arms around hate speech just the sheer number of homicides i'm sorry suicides globally that's tied to hate speech alone is unprecedented in the last three years current globally so that's just one example i agree with the side that yes we don't want to eliminate the bait but to. as my colleague just mentioning if in fact it is illegal offline it needs to be illegal online and i think that's the thing that's what i was kind of hinting at martin is it is it right to send people to prison for things that they've written on line is it going too far to police a way in which people people don't go get sent to prison always but it does sound sometimes a little cold shouldn't what it does i mean in some extreme cases it does but i
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mean the law the law went online or offline should be the same on the principles behind it could be some of it one of the problems online is people use limits. the kind of the nature of debates online is often very vituperative because you wouldn't say that to somebody you are sitting in a room with because you you know you that the body language would would wouldn't align it and people just a lot of themselves when they go online to sort of also rigo of themselves they say things that they wouldn't say to people's faces but i think again we got to actually be realistic amounts about this people are going to have strong opinions but they can't go around threatening groups of people or individuals because that's just not all. that bullshit should people go to prison for something they say on the internet i mean i just want to make the point that you know we do. it's about this kind of anonymity i would liken it to if people see a wallet lying on the ground and it's kind of opportunist they think oh i've got a chance of getting away with it i'll take it not the same as someone planning it
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and online people i think often think oh it's easier to get away with this but they wouldn't do so if they thought they didn't have that anonymity is it is bad an offense well. i do agree with what martin said you know there is this alter ego that has been created online where people feel they have and here's the key part no sense of accountability to their actions so to your first question you know if should people go to prison no question about it if their actions are directly tied to some type of felonious behavior that leads to some type of harm this is the hate speech directly tied into someone suicide is giving an example they should be punished under the letter of the law as it were done in person but clearly we have an issue and i state this openly you know psycho i have an issue with twitter because for some reason which is why i've allowed to not to go on twitter some reason that attracts people to say horrible things to other people and there's no
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sense of accountability facebook has done a much better job in policing i think twitter has done a miserable job of policing that. martin i want to raise an example that little for example about islam jihadists you'll find a lot of people writing on the internet they'll make sweeping generalisations the right things that seem quite hateful but if you don't have an intricate knowledge of the qur'an and islam it's hard to know if they're actually just being factual being hateful sometimes it makes these decisions. well i think there's going to have to be a pretty firm clear clear definition for this police. to use but when you suggest the going to have a two hundred thousand pound budgets are just raises questions about mind about how much this is going to be able to do. but i think the sort of the principle should surely be that what's already illegal offline should be illegal and for the same kinds of reasons. really
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a big step to have the same rules in both spheres as full two hundred thousand pounds i mean it's nothing it is nothing does not suggest that if they go about this project this edition. it's not not that i suggest it's going to be a really bad job they do. i mean we have i mean i don't see the secretary and again i applaud what she's doing i don't know what they're going to accomplish two hundred thousand pounds i really don't know what the agenda is but you know that being said you know this is a step in the right direction so i will say that it is a step in the right direction and it sends a very important message to not just to the u.k. but to the global community that i believe the secretary is leading in this capacity that people need to be held accountable online and that it is not a free for all and you don't get the same do whatever you want without ramifications so i don't know that two hundred thousand is the except all budget it's a starting point and you know hopefully that will lead to a very positive result not just there but but elsewhere martin we see these spikes
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in hate crime after for example terrorist attacks now this isn't going to address the the roots of the problem is it which is that people often they're expressing their anger and some sometimes in the form of hatred. is it just going to result in people finding different ways of expressing their anger frustration and hatred. well you can't you can't change people's minds boy boy boy waving a magic wand if somebody wants to make a hateful remark to their friend in the back of the car whatever you call it you know unless somebody reports it nobody said miller know about it but the thing i would say about online remarks is they are traceable it's on the record and therefore it should be quite straightforward for and who said what and to hold them to account but as i said we mustn't go to the to the extent of forbidding people from saying things which are just popular or difficult think that's going to be the real test. pool should this be rolled out across the world that is
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a really good idea if it's a good idea shouldn't it be put in all countries across the world have some uniformity. absolutely. one hundred percent which is why again i firmly support with the secretary's doing and as i don't give an example just from the business example i host a party is called the security brief and we have followers in forty five countries i welcome constructive criticism every single day i want to know what people feel like i can improve in subjects that we need to be covering guests that may not have work that's invaluable to me that constructive criticism is invalid but we take that too far and it becomes hateful there's no place for that so again i support what she's doing and i don't know the two hundred thousand is is where it needs to be it's a great start and in answer to last question neal unequivocally yes every single country especially united states but every single country should take the lead from the u.k. in this follow what secretary rice has initiated and really start to hold people
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accountable for their actions on gentlemen we're out of time left to wrap things up that greatly appreciate your contributions say a pool of oil is cheap chief executive officer international journalist martin some is great to speak to both. great to have you with us this evening joins me with the latest news headlines around. welcome to sophie and co i'm so not saying well they cut a lot of crisis headlines as similar stories breaking out initially but the
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country's north end. for a wide autonomy referendum. succeeded and how will rome deal with their. but no salvini leader of italy's northern league party is my guest today. is having to resort to desperate measures to stem its very old migrant crisis as voters lose confidence in the central government is this some regions now heading to the polls to demand more autonomy how would a vote be hundred in light of the violence. what's with the rise of new political movements bring to the country and to change in italy starts reform in europe. microcell veiny welcome to the show it's great to have you on our program today mr salvage any of the italian regions of bardia and veneto are going to have a referendum on greater autonomy from the central government on october twenty
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second you say they have chosen a peaceful path towards that but so that the people in catalonia look what happened there how can you be sure that there will be no rubber bullets no tear gas in milan and venice won the day of the vote comes. first of all thank you for having me now about the upcoming referendums the are fundamentally different from the one in catalonia referendums in lombardy and then it all will be held based on the tally and constitution with the court and the italian government's approval the law enforcement will be helping us instead of forcing people out of the polling stations it's not independence we demand but actually wider autonomy so that regions can have oversight over schools health care roads so that they can help the disabled and i would trade funding to various other operations the goal is to reduce costs and spend money more issue.


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